Reading Response #11

The process of working on only one piece this semester was very odd for me. I’m used to doing many different things in one class and knowing that all my marks depend on one article freaked me out at first. As I was writing my article however, I learned a lot about my writing and where my strengths and weaknesses are. I most of all learned how to incorporate emotion in a way that can relate to my readers. The technique of writing that will be most useful to me going forward is description writing. This will be important to me because I’m going into Science and I need to know how to properly describe the materials I am analyzing. I also enjoy using adjectives and looking at details so that might be why I enjoy this type of writing. After almost completing this course, I feel like I have a voice in my head telling me all the things I do wrong when I’m writing. This is probably from all the labs and lessons where I learned about many specific things about writing an article. This is a positive thing because it can push me to always make my writing better. Because of this, I feel like I’ve improved a lot and I am much more aware of what the reader will notice in my writing which will make certain that I can always put out the best form of writing possible at all times. One aspect I will need to improve in my writing is to get my point across more clearly. I tend to be too much in my own world. It will be important for me to be able to present information clearly as I move on with my career and that is why I would really need to improve this aspect of my writing.


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