Lab #11

Part 1

  1. The True Meaning of Sports
  2. They Never Gave up!
  3. Why They Really Play
  4. Are you like Them?
  5. The Drive that Strengthens you
  6. The Feeling you Get
  7. Games are not just Games
  8. The Drive: The Real Reason for Physical Activity
  9. How Could it Mean That Much
  10. The Enormous Field
  11. The Empty Stands


Part 2

I changed a lot of my beginning sentences but left all my endings. (They were pretty good) The beginning of my article used to start with me waking up my dad to go play soccer, but now it starts with me walking onto the soccer field. Another beginning change is after my introduction. I used to start off with my first point but it seemed that there was missing something so I added a paragraph to introduce my first point. Finally, I changed the beginning of my conclusion paragraph; it used to start with “In conclusion” but I have learned that this is incorrect and doesn’t sound very good. Knowing that, I started off right away with reminding the reader of all the points I made and how they relate to the main theme of my article.


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