Lab #9

Part 1


I am writing this article for young men or women interested in sports in any way. I say young because that is when most people are fit to play sports but it can also apply to older people with the same interests. The social classes are not specific to my target audience because sports can affect the poorest an the richest people in the world.



I am writing this article to demonstrate the importance of fighting for something in people’s lives. It should show people that fighting for something, if that something means a lot to them, can help them through  problems going on in their lives.



Exposition: The day my team started a fight

Complication: Why were they fighting against the other team? (The importance of fighting)

Rising Action

They need to fight because

  1. It made them forget about their problems during the week
  2. They were in control of the outcome of something for the first time in their lives
  3. The team was a family away from home and they all meant a lot to each other


When I changed soccer team, I picked up one of my friends from the other team. (My old team)


How it changed me: I became like everyone on the team. Sports became very different for me from then on.

Part 3

The main event I can focus on is the first event I’m going to write about because it contains the main theme I want to express in my article.




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