Lab #8


  1. Why did the players on my team fight against the other team and pass the ball around?
  • Why am I at a soccer field at 6:30 AM on a Saturday when I could be at home watching cartoons or sleeping?
  • Why did they start a fight against the other team knowing that they were going to surely be severely punished for it?
  • Why were some of my team mates still kicking the ball around after we lost by that much?
  • (These questions should come up in the opening scene)
  • The reason for the occurrence of these events is because they needed to fight:
  • (Explain that playing soccer and fighting is the same thing using research and interview)
  • The reasons they needed to fight:
  1. It was a way to forget the troubles of our lives
  2. To have another family or a sense of “togetherness”
  3. A way to be in charge of the outcome of something for the first time
  • After these three paragraphs, explain what happened personally after all this happened and how it affected me (what soccer/sports is to me now)


  1. First big opening scene: Me going to play soccer really early on Saturday morning
  1. Ending scene: Me picking up my friend who got scored on when I switched team
  2. Small scenes throughout:
  1. When I went to the champion’s league game (63 000 people)
  2. Team I coached who started losing every game 12-0 and then started to win


(Written in Part 2)








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