Lab #6

Part 1

I sat there on the bench watching: the stands were large but almost empty. There were only a few friends from the other team watching and laughing at us. The field we played on was actually a tennis field with the nets removed. I turned to my coach but he wasn’t there: slowly walking away with his briefcase he never used. On one side, half my team was in an all-out fist fight against the other team, screaming and yelling. Nearby, the other half of my team were passing the ball around and taking shots on net. It was at that point that I realized what a sport really is.

Part 2

Sports do not affect everyone the same way. There is however one important factor that is present in all sports that affects the player the most. This factor is the coaching. The coach decides who plays, how to play and when to play. This can greatly affect the way a person feels about a sport because with all these decisions the coach makes. As stated by, it can “make the experience enjoyable or miserable.” ( To be attached to a sport, as a fan or a player, you need to have a “deep emotional investment” in it, as stated on In other words, someone who feels pain and happiness with the outcome of a sports game is attached to that sport. This means that coaching can determine if a person is attached to a sport or not.

Part 3

A lot of people play hockey in the world. According to, more than 1 200 000 people over 15 years old play organized hockey in a league. There is also more than 2 300 000 people who play hockey in the US.

Part 4




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