Lab #5

Part 1

  1. Why did the players on my team start a  fist fight against the other team?
  • Addiction affects on the brain
  • Love affects on the brain
  • Attachment affects on the brain
  • Training Athletes
  • Leadership (people who have been part of a team for a long time, for example, the captain of a soccer team)
  • Hoarders
  • Famous sports fights
  • Amount of kids in organized sports in Montreal
  • Popularity of sports
  • Violence in sports

Part 2

This article on described how prominent violence is in sports. I described incidents where  players purposely hurt others with the goal of winning the game. This is why it was not very useful to my topic.

This article showed all the responsibilities a captain of a sports team needs to deal with. This helped because it relates to the dedication and attachment people can have to a sport.

Part 3

This scholarly article gave a lot of information about how addiction affects the brain. It forces someone to be bound to whatever it is they are addicted to.

This scholarly article explains how people can be attached to things that are not a person. For example a toy, clothes or a sport they play. It can be useful when I need to explain how the people on my team have become attached to the sport of soccer.

Part 4

This article describes negative psychological impacts from sports. It focuses on the coach: how having bad coach can ruin someone’s feeling about a sport. Also, a large amoun tof pressure from parents can ruin a kid’s feelings about a sport. It can feel more like a chore than something fun.

This article demonstrates that people that play sports can lead to unhealthy aggression and competitive attitudes. People with sports injuries can have negative emotions like boredom and depression.

Part 5








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