Article Proposal and Partial First Draft


  1. I am currently studying in a “Pure and Applied” program which focuses on learning and applying scientific knowledge to problems.
  2. I will be focusing on the day I saw my soccer team physically fight against the opposing team after losing 21-0.
  3. Why did the players on my team start a fist fight against the other team?
  4. This is an appealing topic to anyone who enjoys sports, violence or anyone in their teens. (Which includes a lot of people) I find it interesting because the reason they fought was not just because of anger, but for many other interesting reasons. This is relevant to this time and place because people do not see the sport of soccer the same here than they did a few decades ago.
  5. This topic is related to my field of study because I will explore the effects of addiction, love and anger in the brain. Anything involving body parts is part of Biology, which is a subject taught in Pure and Applied Science.
  6. This article could appear on Gazzetta Dello Sport,( which is an international sports newspaper, that contains sports news, but also emotional stories about small town teams.
  7. I will focus on explaining the emotional impact on soccer fans and players when losing a game by a large margin. This can explain the reason why my team reacted the way they did after a huge loss. It may be difficult to make this emotional connection to a sport relatable to a large audience. I also foresee difficulties in trying to find articles that can specifically depict situations as such. I am eager to research on this topic, because I would like to see how other teams and players react in situations like I went through. I hope, with this project, to understand how these moments affect people in an emotional sense. I hope to accomplish an article that can relate to anyone that feels a strong connection to things. I also hope to learn how to properly structure an article to get my point across clearly. I want to include the effect that this experience had on the players on my team and also myself. I want to explore what people who were not on the field thought or felt during that moment, and why no one came to disrupt the action. I also want to know what other people would have done in our situation.



  •  Past sports team mates
  • My uncle (former soccer player)
  • My dad (smoker)
  • Head of soccer association in my city
  • People watching soccer at a bar



  • Sports games taking place at parks
  • Sports associations of my district
  • Professional sports games
  • Hospitals or Clinics (learn about addiction)
  • Physical rehabilitation centers (learn the effect of being away from the sport someone loves)


                  I woke up at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning. I shook my father several times to wake him up. He hated waking up early because of his stressful day job. I went downstairs to get my quick breakfast and packed both my bags; the one for soccer and the one for Italian school which started at 9am, right after the game. In the car, I realized that we were some of the only people awake at this time. Everyone was still asleep after a fun Friday night. When I got to the field, my coach, who had only taken over because his son didn’t have any more time to do so, didn’t know much. He was however a really nice guy. Our team was dead last, with no chance of getting anywhere close to a playoff position, but we all still showed up. I went to the washroom to splash water on my face and saw three of my teammates laughing and making fun of each other. We got on the field, and I just realized that we were missing two of our good players. This wasn’t good news. Our goalie and one of our attackers didn’t show up. The other team was first place and we were last. The massacre started and couldn’t be stopped. We weren’t placed in the correct positions, which meant we weren’t organized. After the first half, we were down 10-0. During the second half, it got even worse. After every goal I remember thinking, I need this to be over, the margin is too great. This is embarrassing. What am I doing here? Why do we even play soccer if we suck so much? Why not try baseball or basketball? I saw my replacement goalie after every goal, pick up the ball slowly and kick it to the center, without saying a word. The striker that showed up, would catch the ball, put it down and get ready for the whistle. This process was exhausting. I looked in the stands, there were a few friends from the other team laughing at us. Our parents could barely look. It went up to 21-0. We went to shake hands. Everything was civil until one of the players on the other team called one of my team mates a “faggot” and a “pussy” and gave him a shove. That wasn’t a good idea. The whole team started a fist fight against not only the players, but also the coach of the other team. (My coach had left) While that was happening with 5 of my team mates, the other 6 were kicking the ball on the net and passing it with each other. I wasn’t a fighter and didn’t really feel like playing, so I sat on the bench and just watched. I thought why am I here right now when I could be sleeping or watching cartoons? Also, why did they start a fight when they know they were going to get in trouble for it? Finally, why would some of my team mates still want to kick the ball after we lost by that much? That’s when sports really became clear in my eyes. That’s when I realized what a sport is.

I had only been on that team for a year and it was my first season playing soccer competitively. I had played sports competitively before for many years, but none like this. They weren’t the same. My players weren’t fighting because they lost. They were fighting because they needed to fight. We weren’t able to on the field because of our technical situation. They were fighting because soccer was not a sport, it is a way for us to let go: to forget about whatever happened during the week or let out all the emotions built up from a failed exam or a fight with loved ones. It was a way to feel attached to something. It was a way for us at 15 to be in control of the outcome of something. It was a way for us to  have another family away from home. Soccer, those early mornings, was everything It was the missing piece in our young teen lives and that’s why they fought. That’s why some of them were still kicking the ball after a 21-0 loss. That’s why I woke up my dad at 5:30am to drive me 45 minutes away to play a game that we were surely going to lose.

I recently saw one of my friends who was in that fight and we talked for hours about how much fun we had on that team even though we had barely won any games in 5 seasons.




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