Lab #3

Part 1

The writer I chose is Christopher Paolini

This author uses a lot of detail, especially about how or  why the main character feels a certain way. Also, the sentences used are never long an often starts with the action an then describes it. The vocabulary he uses is simple but descriptive.

Part 2

It was my first year in high school and I didn’t know what it was like. This is because I don’t have many older relatives of my generation. This meant I wasn’t prepared for how “people were.”  My first class, or as we called it, Homeroom Class was on the first floor where most people were. I was assigned a locker with two of my friends: Jacob and Patrick. We were happy to realize that the locker number assigned to us didn’t exist which means all the heavy books we had had to be carried on our short backs all day, every day. We finally decided we had enough one day and went searching around for an empty one. We found one close to a sec 5 class and placed a lock on it. We were finally satisfied. A week later, I went to open my locker, but the code wouldn’t work on my lock. I started to yank and pull it until I saw two guys, twice my height, one extensively built muscularly, the other, skinny but mean-looking. One said, “Why are you pulling on my lock?” I didn’t realize I was holding the lock from the locker next to mine in my hands. I immediately apologized several times and realized that Jacob and Patrick were no where to be seen. They then started to ask me many questions and making fun of my “sec 1 look.” Every time I would go to my locker after that, they would ask me to pull their lighters out of the tight socket (which they would, for some reason, put it in from their bags) and ask me what I think they should do in certain situations to get a laugh. Towards the end of the year, I told one of them that I would be as buff as them when I get their age. (Even though I was skinny at the time)

5 years later, after a few years of training, I saw one of them at the gym. We went to shake hands and he was congratulating me on how I turned out: just like him

Part 3

The locker was rusty. The paint applied was chipping off to show another layer of paint that was also in the same state, which means that this locker was built in an ancient time. The inside wasn’t any better. The people from the previous year had left every crumpled paper, food wrapper and broken pencil  that they use during the year before. The foul smell of old axe spray lingered every time I opened it. Who would have thought that the location of this tuna can would change me. It was right beside this locker that I was bullied  when I was a short and scrawny sec 1, by two 6 foot tall sec 5’s.

Part 4

I walked into the dungeon. It seemed like when it was built, it could have been a nice place, but it wasn’t anymore. The lights were orange, which gave the hallways a gloomy “Halloween” look.  There was a water fountain but only one faucet worked and there was a piece of gum on its tip at all times. The top of the lockers had dust on them. Many times, close to the window, were ants and if we were lucky, cockroaches. I walked in one day in this marvellous hallway,

Part 6

Okay so look. Me, I got in this school and didn’t know nothing. I didn’t know this type of place. I went to my first class and of course, they didn’t give me no locker. I was pissed. My back, it hurt, my ankles were aching, I couldn’t take it. Who would take this? So me and my friends Jake and Pat went scavenging around for an hour to find a locker. We finally found one next to the Big Guys. You don’t mess with them. They know the ins and outs of this place. They know. We took it anyways because we needed to stop aching. A week later, I could not open this lock. I’m telling you, it was rough. I tried all the combinations, I tugged and pulled until these two huge guys came my way. They were big. Six times me in height an width. I was shaking in my pants. I’m telling you, I was freaken scared. They could crack me in two and feed me to the birds. I was going to have to change my pants after this encounter.




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