Lab #2


  1. Personal experience: Owning my first car  (add in the goal as a kid of having my own car and working on it)
  2. How you start to see things in mechanics and physics
  • How do people connect with non-human things?
  • Owning my own car= gives me control, 1st time owning something important and expensive, growing up, get to places when I want to be there, responsibility
  • focus on being addicted to connection
  • science behind
  • Why would I spend a lot of time taking care of it?
  • Why does driving fast give me adrenaline?



  1. It was a hot summer day and I had a day off from work that week. No one was home and I had nothing better to do. I remembered my car was a little dirty. I took my hose and some soap and started to wash my car. Once I had watered it and washed it, I wasn’t satisfied. I did it once again. There were still some spots around the cars curves so I re-washed those areas with a small damp rag. Now that I was happy with the outside of it, I started on the inside; I took a strong vacuum and worked on every squared centimeter of material in the car. I then started on the floor and realized that there was dirt under the seat. I cleaned that with a rag and some strong soap. Then, I worked on the plastic interior part of the car; I took large amounts of scott towel an started removing all the dust
  2. On a summer morning, I had no work, school or anything important planned. It was 9 am. I remembered my car was a little dirty. That thought bothered me. I took soap, placed it in a bucket of water and got my hose. I started with the exterior (3 shots), the seats (4 shots) and then the plastic interior (3 shots). I got out and looked at the car after these three steps


I cleaned my car for an extreme amount of time and didn’t realize it.


It was a burning hot and damp summer morning and I had been thankfully exempted from the disastrous place I call “my work”. I reflected on the emulsifying idea that my extravagant and beautifully stellar vehicle was infested with dirt. I took my bugger green coloured hose and some Mr. Clean all purpose soap


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